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Google Local Listings in Two Minutes Or Less

2minutesOptimizing your Google Local Listing need not be complicated. Here’s a quick (and I mean quick!) guide to making the most of your local listing:

  1. Claim the local listing using an e-mail that shares the domain name of your website. It’s more trusted.
  2. Use only your real business name; do not keyword-spam.
  3. Always utilize custom categories; always follow Google’s TOS for custom categories.
  4. Use only your real address; never a P.O. Box
  5. Ensure your business’ NAP (name, address, place) are found on the page of your website used in the local listing. (The home page is not always the best page!)
  6. Use the same NAP everywhere your business is listed online (ie: Yelp, N49, etc.). The more uniform your citations, the better.
  7. Add photos & videos – they can make your listing stand out in the SERP’s.
  8. Find out where your competitors are being reviewed (check their listings!). Get a profile there.
  9. Read & respond to reviews both good and bad. People read and trust online reviews.
  10. Write a thorough and easy to read description – give people a reason to click through!
Of all the things I’ve listed above, #5 is the big differentiating factor. Like link building for a website, consistent citation building can significantly impact the ranking of your local listing.
And just like that, we’re done!