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Vovia is Now a Marin Certified Agency Partner (…we’re kind of a big deal)


We are very proud to announce that Vovia Online Marketing is now a Marin Certified Agency Partner! This credential means that Marin endorses Vovia as an agency that knows how to leverage this industry-leading platform for its customers.  Vovia also has the distinction of being the only Canada-based agency to be Marin Certified.  Other world-class agencies that share this distinction include Razorfish, Neo@Ogilvy and Havas Media Group.

Marin Software is a next generation bid management solution that provides a unified platform to manage conversion acquisition across multiple channels.  The benefits to using Marin Software are many.  One of the most impactful is automated pay-per-click (PPC) bid optimization via a Boolean-based algorithm.  This has resulted in improvements in cost-per-conversion anywhere from 30-70% for Vovia clients.

Another key benefit is that Marin integrates the management of multiple ad platforms – including Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing and Facebook – into one place.  This means less time switching from account to account and more time providing value-added optimization for our clients.  There are dozens of other benefits to using Marin, but for the sake of brevity, it’s probably best to stop here.

Vovia clients that benefit most from implementing Marin Software have strong and measurable business goals to optimize against.  This can be e-commerce revenue, lead generation sign-up, or even a unique goal-set where relative values are used for multiple goals.

Interested in finding out the full list of benefits from using Marin Software?  Want to find out if your company might be a good candidate for implementing this industry-leading online marketing technology.  Contact us and we’ll be happy to chat about it.