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Recap! Google AdWords Express

Adwords-expressGoogle recently launched their AdWords Express advertising program, specially designed for local businesses; it is another form of pay-per-click advertising that promotes businesses through Google’s Places for Business.

AdWords Express is designed to show your company’s physical address in the Google Places’ listings along with the phone number and the message you want your audience to see.  Advertising in AdWords Express does not even require a website in order to appear in Google’s search listings; you can either send visitors to your Google+ page or to the Google Places’ listing. It is a perfect fit for small companies who want to attract new customers into their stores or offices, but may not have the resources to run a full blown AdWords campaign.

If you’re not familiar with Google Places for Business, you can think of it as Google’s local business directory in that it provides core information about your business. You can list information like:

  • Hours of operation
  • Contact information
  • Address
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Payment options
  • Other relevant information about your company

What does the ad look like?

The ads are very similar to the ads from AdWords with the difference that AdWords Express shows the ad with a standing blue pin that takes customers to the physical location of your company in Google Places. The uniqueness of AdWords Express is the visual look and feel of the ad that directs customers to your company by showing how close your business is to them.

Why should I use it?

One of the biggest advantages of AdWords Express is the standing blue pin that appears when your ad is triggered. It not only shows your physical location in a map, but also has the ability to direct your customers to your website’s landing page.

AdWords Express is also available on mobile devices. According to Mobile Minute, 28% of mobile searches turn into conversions. AdWords Express reaches potential customers because you can reach people within 15-50 miles radius of your location.

What if I already use AdWords?

Even if you already use AdWords, you can also use AdWords Express to complement your AdWords search and display campaigns with the goal of better optimizing the online presence of your business and to increase direct relationships with your audiences.

Is AdWords Express right for my business?

Every business is different.  If you’re not sure if AdWords Express is a good fit for your business, get in touch.  We’re happy to discuss your business goals and how online marketing can best support them.