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Google AdWords Introduces Enhanced Campaigns

enhanceGoogle recently introduced a powerful new feature called Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords.  Familiarizing yourself with this feature is important as Google will automatically upgrade all AdWords campaigns to Enhanced Campaigns in a few months.

Enhanced Campaigns allow you to reach your customers and potential customers with the most relevant ads based on location, device, and time of day from one single campaign. You will also be able to specify individual bids for each aspect of your target.

You will be able to reach your audience with the right message at the right location, on the right device and at the right stage in the buying process – you know, that critical Zero Moment of Truth.

Sooooo, what’s really changing?

1. Improved Bidding Options

Bid adjustments are at the campaign level and are % changes of ad group bids. They can also be layered on top of each other for one campaign.

Time – Via scheduling, this enables you to control what times of the day an ad is shown and the bids for this time period.

Location – This allows you to bid more or less depending on user location. For example, if your store is located in downtown Calgary, you can bid more for clicks from users that are 1km away from your business.

Device – Enhanced campaigns allow you to specify what % of ad group bids are to be applied to Mobile campaigns. The options range from -100% (opt out) up to +300% of ad group bids.


2. Increased Scheduling Options

Scheduling allows you to control what times of the day your ads are shown.

Ads – This allows you to run different ads (ie. Different calls to action) at the most appropriate time. IE – customers can be prompted to call during your business hours, but click when you are closed.

Ad Extensions – Ad extensions let you make your ads more useful and relevant to users by providing more information and links.  Previously only offered at the campaign level; they can now can be set at an ad group level and for mobile. This increases relevance to the user and provides control to you as an advertiser. Some ad extensions available include: sitelinks, call, app and offer extensions (US only). Learn more about ad extensions.


3. Smarter Ad Units

Mobile specific ads – User behavior differs depending on device, therefore in an Enhanced campaign you can now create ads for mobile only. For example, mobile ads can have custom call-to-action and messaging.

Mobile specific ad extensions – In addition to custom call-to-action and messaging, mobile ads can also append more relevant and useful ad extensions such as location extensions and call extensions. (As mentioned earlier in this post, these extensions can also be scheduled).


4. Reporting

Calls as conversions – Calls that are more than 60 seconds long can now be recorded as a conversion.

Cross-device conversions – This feature is not currently available but will enable you to view cross-device assisted conversions (ie. if a conversion occurred from a referral, although the user previously interacted with your website/brand via mobile).


If you’re interested in learning how we can help you upgrade your current campaign to take advantage of the new features, get in touch. For more information and updates on Google Enhanced campaigns, check out Google’s site