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The Top Six Online Advertising Trends for 2013

Top-62012 was a very big year for online advertising as many exciting changes were introduced which have changed the way we reach and connect with customers.  We’re expecting 2013 to be just as ground breaking as we expect many more options for targeting, engaging with, and serving ads to current and prospective clients, so it’s the perfect time of year to think about these trends and how your PPC ad campaigns can be even more effective in the year to come.

First, let’s recap the things that you should already be doing and why they’re a MUST DO:

  • Search – Search advertising is becoming more competitive, but it continues to be the best way to reach those actively looking for your product/service.
  • Display – Display advertising remains highly effective at generating brand awareness and is an excellent complement to your search campaign.
  • Remarketing (aka retargeting) – Remarketing had a big year as more and more companies realized how effective it is at maintaining front of mind presence in a cost-effective manner.  If you’re not remarketing yet, why not?
  • Video advertising – Over 800 million users visit YouTube and watch over 4 billion hours of video worldwide each month.  YouTube has introduced a variety of ad placement options including ones that ensure your ad is being watched, so there really isn’t a reason not to be there.

What should we expect in 2013?  The following are the top trends to keep on top of:

  1. Mobile – Mobile is new, exciting, and constantly changing.  With 20% of online searches taking place on a mobile device, it’s something to consider for the year ahead.  In addition, at a much lower cost per click, mobile provides a very cost effective opportunity.
  2. AdWords remarketing in search – Currently remarketing is just for display ads, but Google is in the process of introducing remarketing text ads in search results as well.
  3. Facebook Remarketing – It was only a matter of time before Facebook stepped up to the plate and offered advertisers the ability to serve ads to users that have previously visited their website.  2013 will bring better, more accurate targeting.
  4. Social extensions on paid advertising – Social is everywhere and it’s no surprise that social sharing icons have made their way into paid advertising.  Recommendations from friends go a long way and now it’s even easier to profess your love for your favorite brands online.
  5. Targeting – Expect new options for ad targeting.  Users can expect advertising that is more relevant to their likes, behaviors, and actions online.  With new options for targeting, companies will be able to deliver a specific message to a subset of people that are likely to convert.
  6. Costs – Costs continue to correspond to the effectiveness of the ad format and we expect to see an increase in cost per click (CPC) for mobile, remarketing, and video.

What are your plans for online advertising in 2013?  Do you have any thoughts on how the industry will evolve in the coming year?  Let us know in the comments!