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Remarketing Explained

StillforSaleHave you ever been browsing the web and noticed that the same advertisements seem to keep showing up repeatedly? Or perhaps you’ve visited a website only to begin seeing their advertisements wherever you go online?

It might feel a little like you’re being followed – and in fact, that’s not too far from the truth! What’s at work behind the scenes is “Remarketing”.  Google recently introduced remarketing to their display ad network, making this tactic more widely available.

What Are The Benefits?

Remarketing enables you to continually serve ads to potential customers who have already indicated some level of interest by visiting your site or clicking on one of your advertisements. Those customers will repeatedly see your ads and be reminded of your product or service, keeping your brand “top-of-mind” long after they’ve left your site and greatly improving the likelihood that the customer will convert.

This is incredibly valuable for businesses that advertise online because we know that 95%+ of buyers will never return to your site. That’s alarming! With remarketing, you now have the chance to recapture some of those lost leads.

How Does It Work?

When a customer clicks on one of your ads or visits a page on your site where you’ve added a remarketing tag, a cookie is placed on their computer. That customer is now added to your “active cookie” list and will repeatedly see your banners and advertisements across the Google Display Network. Your ads will stop displaying after either a specific time period has passed or when the customer completes a conversion. The length of time and type of conversion are entirely in your control.

You’re also able to created different cookies for different pages of your site, allowing you to target visitors separately depending on their specific interest in your site (e.g. provide different ads to someone who looked at men’s clothing vs. someone who looked at women’s clothing).

Note that Google’s remarketing offering is only available on their Display Network. Ads that display on their Search Network cannot be remarketed.

Remarketing makes it easy to keep your brand in front of the eyes and in the minds of customers! The feature brings added value to the already robust Adwords platform and is a great addition to any paid campaign.