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Get Higher Homepage Conversions (Hint: Simple is Better)

Many businesses try to squeeze the most out of their homepage. They try and get new subscribers for their newsletter, generate online sales and leads, increase engagement, and get more blog readers.

Unfortunately, all of these goals tend to get let loose in a shotgun approach. This leaves visitors feeling like they’re being pulled in 10 different directions, unsure of what’s the best course of action.

Many studies have proven that presenting too many options to visitors actually leaves them doing the one thing you don’t want them to – nothing.

Here at Vovia, we suggest taking the path of least resistance to higher homepage conversions. Rather than focusing on multiple conversion points, focus only on your most important one – and build the homepage’s messaging around it.

This is exactly what we did for one of a client’s homepage recently. Their homepage’s main call to action was surrounded by text and didn’t include a stellar, benefit-driven reason for visitors to click. We simplified the call to action by removing the text around it to provide more white space around the button. Next, we changed the button text to be more benefit-driven. Through making these small changes, we were able to achieve a 257% conversion lift for our client.

Do you want to shift your homepage conversions into hyper-drive as well? Here are three things you can do today to make it happen…

1. Focus on one action.

Don’t make the same mistake many companies do. Rather than having multiple conversion points on your homepage, focus on only one. It needs to be the most high value action that a visitor can take. Some examples could be a clicking a link to your company’s best-selling product or service, clicking through to the contact us page, or requesting a quote.

This doesn’t mean you can’t link to other pages from your homepage, but you need to clearly and explicitly direct your visitors to take one action. In other words, you need to place this conversion point front and centre so it’s impossible for them to miss.

2. Increase whitespace and use colour contrast.

Make sure you have sufficient whitespace surrounding your call to action.

Further, make sure the colour of your call to action contrasts from the rest of your website’s colour palette. There are many tests out there which focus on the actual colour you should be using, but we’ve found that the best results come when you use a colour that stands out from the rest of your page’s colour palette.

3. Make your call to action benefit driven.

Try and put yourself in your visitors’ shoes. If you were a prospect that arrived on your homepage for the first time, would you want to click on that call to action?

Something to keep in mind is that visitors always ask “what’s in it for me?” before they take any sort of action on a website. You need to make sure you’re clearly conveying the benefit they’ll receive when they take the action you’re asking for.

There’s a lot more work that goes into creating a high performing homepage, but these will definitely help you get on the right track!

Do you want to get on the fast-track to higher conversions? Contact us today to see how we can help improve your conversions!