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Vovia Client Feature – Calaway Park

Vovia has had the pleasure of supporting Calaway Park’s business for many years while they have grown tremendously by introducing different product offerings for visitors. Although they have a niche offering, Calaway Park really understands their audience, allowing them to provide a memorable and safe family fun experience.

I caught up with the Calaway Team to get their perspective on the relationship between Vovia and Calaway Park, to learn more about how their business has grown and get the inside scope on their 2023 season.

Tell us about your role at Calaway Park and how it’s changed over time.

Calaway Park will be opening our 42nd season of family fun on May 20th, 2023. During that time the park has grown from 14 rides, 14 food locations, and 11 games to 32 rides, 19 food locations, 17 games, the Cinemagic 3D theatre, CP Spray n’ Play, and so much more. Our team has also increased to 850 seasonal and 35 year-around team members. Many of our permanent team members have been with the park for 20 years or more. We started as seasonal team members making candy apples or cotton candy, and running a ride or game. Through that summer job experience, we found a passion for the amusement park and tourism industries that have developed into lifelong careers.

What are your biggest goals for Calaway Park?

Our number one goal will always be to provide a safe, family fun experience to our Guests. Our mission statement is: Your Smile is Our Mission, and we work to achieve that every day. Being an attraction where our Guests can enjoy time with family and friends, create memories, and simply have fun is our purpose.

What effect did COVID have on the business and how have you bounced back?

COVID-19 has been a challenging time for every business. When we look back over our 2020 and 2021 seasons, we are grateful that we could provide a safe, outdoor, family fun experience for our community. The guests who visited us during that time were able to enjoy the park experience. Our team worked incredibly hard, including sanitizing after every ride cycle in 2020, to make that happen. Since then, we have been overjoyed to see extended families return to the park together. After this time apart, it has been wonderful to see our Guests come together again for moments of connection and make memories.

How would you describe the Vovia and Calaway Park relationship?

We have been working with Vovia for over 10 years. The Vovia team is consistently providing insight, knowledge, and forward thinking, creative solutions to our online marketing and social media needs. Their process ensures that our campaigns are built efficiently and delivered on time. We truly appreciate the Vovia team.

Tell us what we have to look forward to this coming season at Calaway Park?

Calaway Park is excited to have a new ride opening in the summer of 2023 called Riptide Racer. We also have two new live stage shows and a new 3D movie. 

If you could describe Vovia in one word, what would it be?

We would describe Vovia as a valued partner. They actively work to learn our business, our needs, and go above and beyond.