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Vovia Client Profile – Get to Know Bow Valley College

We are only as good as the people and partners we surround ourselves with. True in life, and true in marketing. 

Here at Vovia, we are so lucky to have a great roster of long-standing clients where we have built mutually beneficial relationships on the back of great performance and experiences. Conditions are not always ideal for success; whether due to general market factors or global pandemics, but those partners that keep the faith in one another will almost certainly rise above whatever environmental factors present themselves. One such client partner of ours that has stood this test of time is Bow Valley College.

Bow Valley College Logo

I have had the privilege of working with Bow Valley since 2014, and I can say with conviction that this is one of the most collaborative, and therefore most strategic accounts that I have had the pleasure of working on. The client and relationship is only as good as the people that make up the team, so I was excited to sit down with Liliana Ivankovic, Campaign and Media Specialist at Bow Valley College, to get her take on the business and the work we have done together.

Liliana Ivankovic, Campaign and Media Specialist at Bow Valley College
Liliana Ivankovic, Campaign and Media Specialist at Bow Valley College

When did you start at Bow Valley College?

I originally started in January 2018, and was almost immediately paired with the Vovia team. This was great as I was able to start ramping my digital media knowledge and applying it to real college initiatives.

What are your biggest goals for Bow Valley College?

Well, Bow Valley has traditionally been seen as a great place for healthcare, academic upgrading and English language courses, but folks don’t seem to realize we have full on technology and business faculties now. I am excited to begin shifting this perception in the market with Vovia as we have some truly excellent programs available in these spaces that people may not be aware of yet. 

I am also working on a more comprehensive end-to-end reporting system for Bow Valley so we can better understand the connection between marketing and registration/recruitment. This is extremely exciting for us as this will lead us to better spending, more strategic budgeting, and better internal relationships. Vovia has been instrumental in helping us develop this, and we are excited to start leveraging this tool!

How would you describe the Vovia/BVC relationship?

I really enjoy working with you guys! I feel like Vovia really understands us, the needs of the college, the audiences that we target, and our internal processes and business workings, and have even developed relationships with many of our internal team members and faculty stakeholders. This type of knowledge and business acumen is rare in external partners, and it really helps us collaborate and execute awesome campaigns together.     

I also love how transparent everything is with Vovia. I always know what is happening in my campaigns, and Vovia is always accountable for the campaign performance. I think this is achieved through the great  two-way communication and collaborative relationship we have built. We truly feel that Vovia is part of our team. 

Vovia goes above and beyond. They ask us the right questions, are super flexible to our needs, and always ensure they understand as much of the campaign ecosystems and environments as possible. You are always strategic in your approaches and recommendations, but also realistic to the current situation that we are facing together. You never hesitate to offer suggestions to improve strategies or channels, even if those channels fall outside of what you are doing for us currently.  

We can also tell that your internal environment is a positive one based on how your team treats each other, and the clear strategic synergies your different team members bring. We love how you bring specific professionals and specialists to the table for us to collaborate with as our needs shift and evolve. This helps us have a more holistic view, and also reassures us that we are working with the best team possible.  

Anything New and Exciting on The Horizon for Bow Valley College?

YES! I am not at liberty to share specifics yet, but let’s just say we are entering a very exciting and transformational time at the college. I may have already said too much! Stay tuned…

If you could describe Vovia in one word, what would it be?

Conscientious.  You guys are always super careful with the work, you’re efficient and organized, and our campaigns are almost always on time and on budget. Vovia is super dependable.