Cameron Prockiw is the founder of Vovia and has helped top companies around the world use the internet more effectively for over 20 years. Cam also enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures, and learning new things.

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Vovia’s Moving On Up!

Vovia’s moving on up… literally.

We’ve moved offices again, but luckily this time we just moved upstairs within the same building. Everyone’s really enjoying the new space! It’s bigger, it’s brighter, we have a lot more room to stretch out, twice as many meeting rooms, and our new Sonos system pumps great tunes throughout the office every day.


Personally, I’m enjoying the expanded selection on the candy counter most of all!


It’s an exciting time here as we continue to grow with a number of new additions to our Analytics, Search Marketing, and Display Marketing teams (three so far this month!). This got me thinking back to all of our past offices and I realized that this is now our fifth office in just seven and a half years since we started Vovia. Wow, it’s amazing that we managed to outgrow all of our past offices so quickly. Hopefully we won’t have to move again any time too soon, but if we do we’re certainly well practised at it.


We’re planning to have an office warming party this summer and we’ll make sure to invite all of our clients, but feel free to drop by and see us before then.


Hope to see you soon!