Rohan is a Sr. Digital Specialist at Vovia. He loves learning new things about the industry and testing new trends/technology to see how it impacts campaigns for the company. Other than his love for work, Rohan loves to stay active by playing cricket in the weekend tournaments.

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Rohan Celebrates 5 Years at Vovia

Today on the blog we are celebrating another 5-year anniversary, this time for Senior Digital Media Specialist, Rohan Hegde. Way back in 2017, Rohan originally came to Vovia as a Search Engine Specialist after discovering his love for digital marketing. Over the past 5 years, Rohan has worked with several clients in different industries, always driving strong performance to help those clients reach their marketing and business objectives. Read on to learn about Rohan’s highlights from the past 5 years, his predictions on what’s to come, and what’s new in Rohan’s personal world.

What has been your top highlight in the past 5 years, if you had to choose one?

Since joining the Vovia team, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of people, all of whom have contributed to my learning and helped me expand my expertise. In addition, I was given the opportunity to work with a variety of clients from other industries and verticals, as well as on a variety of interfaces and platforms that I had not previously had access to.

My top highlight is that I was given an opportunity to work from the office in Calgary (Work Visa). Although the procedure has been terribly long (Pandemic), now that it is over, I am looking forward to working in Calgary.

What’s the most interesting development you’ve seen in the industry over the past 5 years?

More recently, Influencer marketing has grown significantly.

Over the last decade, social media marketing has evolved at a breakneck pace. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have all gotten our target market’s attention. As a result, we’ve been following the customers there.

New strategies arose as a result of the emergence of a slew of new platforms. Influencer marketing is one of these tactics, in which a business pays someone with a significant following to write a post endorsing their product, service, or cause. This person could be a celebrity (actor, athlete, musician, model, etc.) or solely be known for their social media following.

While the exact return on investment is yet unknown, it can surely increase brand awareness and provide direct access to your target demographic. Customers are looking for more genuine material, therefore this could be the method to attract their attention.

What do you think will be the next big thing in the 5 years to come?

Automation Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Over the last few years, we’ve seen major advances in AI, as well as significant growth in the number of firms employing AI-powered technology and automation to aid their marketing efforts.

One of the primary technologies driving voice search and smart assistants is artificial intelligence (AI). It also paved the way for chatbots, which are currently appearing on more websites than ever before.

AI and automation are assisting organizations in removing some of the heavy labour from marketing, allowing them to focus on strategy and creating a terrific customer experience.

Remember that the human element of marketing is still crucial (maybe more so than ever before), thus the goal is to use technology to supplement rather than replace your marketing efforts.

Big data is also assisting brands in learning more about their audience and customers, thanks to AI and predictive analytics. It makes it possible to personalize client experiences and marketing messages at scale.

Any new fun facts about you since your original get-to-know post?

Apart from getting 5 years older ;), I got married (2018), which has its own share of fun. While I’ve always been interested in fitness and thought I was in good shape, the pandemic forced me to admit that I wasn’t, as I began running (when the restrictions were gone), which was really exhausting.

While other things remain the same, I am still passionate about the sport of cricket, both playing and watching.