Evan is an Account Manager at Vovia. He originally joined Vovia as an intern while studying at University and liked us so much that he came back for more. He is an avid Hockey and Golf player who also has a passion for playing and collecting guitars.

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Rachel Celebrates 6 Years With Vovia

We are celebrating a big milestone on the blog this week: Account Manager Rachel Cashion’s 6-year anniversary at Vovia! Rachel made the jump from a digital/web agency to our integrated media world way back in 2016, and she hasn’t looked back since. Over the past 6 years, Rachel has developed meaningful relationships and helped to drive performance for clients in all types of industries, seen major shifts in our industry, and even started her family. We caught up with Rachel to look back on the past 6 years, and discuss the personal and professional highlights. 

1. What has been your top highlight in the past 6 years, if you had to choose one?

This is a tough question! First I’ll answer from a personal perspective, and the highlight there would definitely be starting my family and having my daughter last year in 2021. Being a mother has given me a lot of perspective and skills that I like to think help me do my ‘other’ job at Vovia better. 

From a professional perspective, a highlight has been seeing our organization develop, grow and continue to attract really amazing people to work here. I joined Vovia when we were at our old office, and it’s really cool to see the progress we’ve made as an organization in the last 6 years and what an awesome group of people we have. 

2. What’s the most interesting development you’ve seen in the industry over the past 6 years?

I have always been really interested in data privacy and find the changes that have occurred in recent years to better align marketing with increased transparency and privacy to be very important. These pieces are critical to ensuring marketing evolves and adapts along with consumer interest and priorities. 

The incredible growth of social platforms is also really interesting to me. Tiktok wasn’t even a thing when I started at Vovia in 2016. Now it’s one of the biggest social media platforms and we are running numerous paid campaigns on the platform. I find that growth trajectory really interesting and how advertising on the platform has forced marketers to think differently about their strategy, creative, and approach. 

3. What do you think will be the next big thing in the 6 years to come?

I think that the importance of content will see considerable growth. I have a background in writing and public relations and see a lot of possibilities in using content to connect with audiences to build trust, establish shared values and also provide value. The tricky part of this is the pace at which we digest and move through content these days. It can be hard to keep up with! I think marketers will be challenged in the coming years to find a way to create meaningful content that has staying power and builds customer relationships, without breaking the bank. 

4. Any new fun facts about you since your original get-to-know post?

My biggest life change since my original get to know post is one I’ve already mentioned – becoming a mother. Outside of that, the pandemic really pushed me to rediscover my creative side and I started weaving a lot and even created a few commissioned pieces for friends. I’ve also been enjoying writing a lot too. These creative outlets give me a nice mental break.