Chantelle Evelyn is a certified AdWords Specialist and Search Engine Marketer at Vovia. She was born in Barbados but moved to Calgary to experience all 4 seasons in one day. She enjoys running with her dog, getting out to the mountains, and her own jokes.

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Google Engage Calgary

Google Engage Calgary discussion panel

Discussion panel at Google Engage Calgary

This year, Google Engage celebrated its 1st birthday on September 17th. To celebrate, they set up simultaneous events in Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and used the Google+ Hangout feature to bring the four major Canadian cities together.

We had the honour of being invited to participate and our very own Cameron Prockiw from Vovia participated in the featured panel discussion. Highlights of the panel included discussions about the future of digital marketing, opportunities, and new products that Google has recently rolled out.

Typical of Google events, everything was decorated in the classic Google colours: red, green, blue and yellow…Even the drinks were mysteriously dyed which had some guests scratching their heads, however most of us took the risk.

At the end of the event, we were treated to an amazing (surprise) live performance from a group of singers in each city, performing together over the Google+ Hangout, and then… CAKE!