Social Media

Vovia can help you use the power of online word-of-mouth to generate awareness, buzz and sales for your business.

Social media (or social networks) are a collection of tools, websites, and software that allow people to connect and communicate over the internet (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn). Social media marketing uses those same tools to increase exposure for your business and allow you to better connect with your customers.

Why Social Media?

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with customers, not only to market to them but also to understand what they love about your brand and what can be improved. Social media provides an amazing opportunity to interact with your customers and potential customers on a large scale, which was previously not possible.

Vovia’s Social Media

  • Social Media Campaign Strategy – Not sure where to begin? It’s not just about being in the right places, but also how to best interact within those social networks. Let our expertise in social networks and the latest social media trends help you develop a comprehensive strategy that makes sense for your business.
  • Social Media Coaching – Learn to use social media marketing effectively as a part of your marketing mix with our social media coaching services.
  • Social Profile and Community Management – Have us execute on your behalf or augment your team.
  • Contesting – Contests are a powerful way to increase your following, but must be done properly in order to comply with both legal and social network requirements. Vovia will ensure that you comply with all requirements and also maximize the results of your contest.
  • Blog Outreach – Bloggers are the internet’s thought-leaders, sparking trends and informing other early adopters. Vovia can help you identify, contact, and interact with the right bloggers.

To learn more about how Vovia’s social media marketing expertise can help your business, contact us now.